Compassion and Confidentiality

The amount of requests that I receive for "before and after" photos is uncountable. From a business start-up point of view, I can understand that this is an importance marketing strategy for me to obtain more clients. However, from a personal and moral stand point I have a hard time with it.

Within my Letter of Agreement lies two sections that specifically lays out my confidentiality and rights to photos objectives. It is clear that the work performed in the home or office is confidential and rightfully so. When clients invite me into their space, it is usually because they are overwhelmed. Sometimes there is stress and sometimes there is embarrassment. The main goal is to help them alleviate those feelings. Help them declutter and allow for more efficiency, enabling them to reach their goals faster. 

When I go by the "rules" of how to garner more clients, how to "reel" clients in the first thing I should be doing is whipping out my camera and taking pictures of what the "before" is. This is exactly what I do not want to do. My clients need to trust me. They need to feel that I am there to help them better themselves. Help them to be proud of their space, the way they use their time, the systems that help make them an efficient person. 

A large part of professional organizing is coaching. Clients need to know that my advice and help comes from a place of compassion and caring. The answer may not come during the first session. The answer may be a few days of hard work and stripping down to the root cause of present habits. Either way, I am there with the client to help solve the road blocks preventing them from reaching their true potential. 

The bottom line here is that I am real. I understand the craziness of life. Trust, compassion and confidentiality are far more important to me and my business versus gaining a few extra clients by exposing other's weaknesses. 

Building relationships. Decluttering spaces. Achieving goals and JOY.