The holidays bring on the opportunity to reflect over the past year. Sitting around the Thanksgiving table, I was thankful for all the blessings in my life; a warm house, food on the table, healthy kids, family that lives in town and a house that is made a home with wild, energetic children. This year, there was an addition to my "thankful list" and I have been reflecting on all joy that addition has brought me! I survived my first year in business!! From the very beginning the foundation of what I wanted to create was based off of quality and not quantity. To me, success is measured by a job well-done, not focusing on how I can fluff my wallet faster, better, more, quicker. 

I am thankful for all my "first-year" clients that took the plunge and went against the grain (which is not easy for Fargoans) and supported me. These clients actually paid to have a job done and trusted me in their home, offices, with confidential information and their own insecurities and anxieties. Over the past year, I have worked with clients that border on the line of extreme hoarding, clients that can't focus and paperwork lines the walls of the homes/offices, clients that needed an extra watchful eye on their permanent homes so they can truly enjoy the Southern sun, clients that need an extra hand with light house and yard work but don't want to commit to a certain amount of hours per week, clients that needed to create systems to be more efficient, clients that couldn't open rooms in their homes because it was too overwhelming, clients that run small businesses and needed help but don't want to budget in a part-time or full-time administrator, clients that needed help decluttering so they could make their blueprint dreams into a reality, clients that just needed someone to come into their home and lend a hand and an ear because things haven't been the same since their spouse has passed away. 

A few months ago I read an article about small business owner's "first clients". They are the clients that will hold a special spot in your heart, the ones that will be remembered. How true! I am so thankful for my clients over this past year. Each of them taught me a new lesson. This past week I had my 3rd client tell me that she feels like she knows me somehow, that she is so comfortable around me and loves having me come into her home. To me, this is affirmation I am on the right path! Grateful to serve this wonderful community is an understatement. 

May your holiday season be filled with LOVE & LIGHT! 


Compassion and Confidentiality

The amount of requests that I receive for "before and after" photos is uncountable. From a business start-up point of view, I can understand that this is an importance marketing strategy for me to obtain more clients. However, from a personal and moral stand point I have a hard time with it.

Within my Letter of Agreement lies two sections that specifically lays out my confidentiality and rights to photos objectives. It is clear that the work performed in the home or office is confidential and rightfully so. When clients invite me into their space, it is usually because they are overwhelmed. Sometimes there is stress and sometimes there is embarrassment. The main goal is to help them alleviate those feelings. Help them declutter and allow for more efficiency, enabling them to reach their goals faster. 

When I go by the "rules" of how to garner more clients, how to "reel" clients in the first thing I should be doing is whipping out my camera and taking pictures of what the "before" is. This is exactly what I do not want to do. My clients need to trust me. They need to feel that I am there to help them better themselves. Help them to be proud of their space, the way they use their time, the systems that help make them an efficient person. 

A large part of professional organizing is coaching. Clients need to know that my advice and help comes from a place of compassion and caring. The answer may not come during the first session. The answer may be a few days of hard work and stripping down to the root cause of present habits. Either way, I am there with the client to help solve the road blocks preventing them from reaching their true potential. 

The bottom line here is that I am real. I understand the craziness of life. Trust, compassion and confidentiality are far more important to me and my business versus gaining a few extra clients by exposing other's weaknesses. 

Building relationships. Decluttering spaces. Achieving goals and JOY. 



8 Months & Lifetime of Lessons...

1. You work for yourself=you never stop working. The past 8 months has been so busy, but in a good way! A way that has allowed me to put family first, choose my schedule, put fire behind my ideas and most importantly, pair that fire with ambition and motivation to make things happen AND when you make things happen that effect your goals and dream, you go to bed with a happy heart. So, I'd say all the hard work has been well worth it!


2. Feedback-IT IS CRUCIAL. Thank you to everyone that has referred me or booked with me. Every single session and experience has taught me things I would and wouldn't do differently. Owning a business and selling yourself daily really opens your eyes to the importance of customer service and just down right being a good person. You only know how good you are doing when people are willing to give feedback. Do good business, be a good person. The feedback, whether it's good or bad helps to form the business model that will be my foundation.


3. Accountability. As I continue on this journey, I decided that I want share some of my goals. Sharing my future plans will hold me accountable and will make me proud to share milestones as I reach them. That being said, my goals don't consist of a larger house, a better car and nicer clothes. The mini goals I have paired with this career for the next few months include: moving up a certification with NAPO (continued ed with the National Association of Professional Organizers) and planning, sponsoring and executing my first annual event that will give back to a very deserving family in the FM area (EVERY BABY NEEDS A HOME). As business grows, goals grow. Out of the box ideas are totally acceptable in my office of one!


4. You don't like it, do something about it. As you may have noticed (hopefully), I GOT A NEW LOGO! YAY! I could not be happier with the work that KARV did. I wasn't "feeling" my old logo/brand/image and it really made it hard to want to represent it. So, I did something about it. I feel it represents both the residential and business work that I do and I can't wait to "hit the streets" with my new gear. ;)


5. I've been quiet for too long. It's typical to lay low during a rebrand, right? Well, it is finally over!

Launch day is here it is time to share the goodies...


If time allows, please check out my new website. Computers and websites and SEO's and coding and all that nonsense is ridiculously not my thing, but I sucked it up and did it. ;)


Moral of the story: thanks for reading & thanks for spreading my name around if you see an opportunity for me. This gal is just getting started.

5 Step Process

Where do you start? You walk into a room, if you are even able to do that and instantly feel overwhelmed by all the stuff. It is easier to close the door and walk away then to invest time, emotion, stress and work.

That is where my 5 step process comes in handy. It does not all have to be done at the same time. Step by step, the clutter and build-up will start to decrease.

The first step is to sort. By zoning and categorizing you are able to put some sort of method to the madness. My advice is usually to start off with the following “piles” while sorting; keepers, throw-aways, donations, hand-me-downs, recycle and revisit. While most of the piles are pretty self-explanatory, I like to explain the “revisit” in a little more detail. This is a pile of items that consists of items or memorabilia that may be hard to let-go of while you are organizing. In this case, I like to containerize those items and sticker them with the date you are organizing along with a “revisit” date. At the time of the “revisit” date if you have not gone into the container within that time frame I suggest that it is time to move those items to a donate pile or hand-me-down pile. In the case that it is memorabilia, those items are probably better off being used and loved by someone else than stored in container.

The second step is to purge. I joke around with my husband quite a bit about this step because he loves to hang onto everything and I am the exact opposite. If we aren’t using it, I prefer to get rid of it. This step is literally moving the throw-away pile to the trash bin. You will honestly feel a sense of relief when you walk away from it.

Now, we assign the keepers to their new “homes”. This part can be very fun if you are into designing. Move the piles to the rooms they belong and start to form ideas of how to get the best use of them. This is where my favorite statement comes into play, EVERYTHING HAS A HOME. This is also the step that has a huge impact on step 5 (equalizing and maintaining the organization).

Step 4 is to containerize. If you are a shopper, this will be your favorite step. The way you implement your items in an organized manner can be very simple. As simple as plastic totes to as fancy as shelving, baskets and bins. Personally, two of my favorite places to order organizing containers and items are from Pottery Barn and Target, depending on the rooms and what I am organizing. This step moves your assignment planning into implementation mode. You have completed the challenge of getting organized! Hooray for you!!

Lastly, step 5 is equalizing. This is all about maintaining your organized environment. You are organized, now you need to keep it that way. My two main goals when working with clients are to keep an open mind, understanding that it is overwhelming and not an easy task to sift through all the build-up AND I want my clients to be able to EQUALIZE in 20 minutes or less. Whether it is at the end of every day or before pop-in guest arrive you should be able to do a 20 minute whip-through of your house and place EVERYTHING IN ITS HOME.